How do Pheromones work?

Pheromones are natural chemical scents that our bodies produce. Studies have shown that in animal kingdom pheromones play a huge role in social behaviour, including matings.

Recent studies have now shown pheromones play a similar role in human attraction as well.

Nearly 300 years ago scientists discovered a small organ called VNO. They believed that this organ was not functional, but resent resarchs found that VNO is connected to the OLFACTORY NERVES and these receptors are responsible to detect the pheromones and send signal to the brain in the LIMBIC REGION.

The VNO and the Limbic region

Why should you use Pheromones?

You probably get confused: Why should you use pheromones if your body produce them anyway? Your body produces a few amount of pheromones in certain areas like armpits, around the nipples, and genital areas.

When you take a shower you wash most of the pheromones away, and after you cover thess areas with clothes. So your pheromones signals will be so weak than other people can hardly smell them. So when you use our Pheromones spray, you not only replace your natural level, but raise it to an high level that will give your sexual life a real boost.

Now, using our Pheromones spray will stimulate other people' brains around you, and change their social and sexual behaviour towards you.

How Pheromones are playing a role in the present days?

We recognize that the desire to intimate contact with someone can produce pheromones in the human body.
But an individual can either produce a very small quantity of pheromones while others produce enough but not an effective quantity.

Most pheromones that your body produces come from your sweat glands, armpits and genital area. This means when you take a shower, you will wash most of your pheromones away.
Some washing products use too much perfume that can cover up your pheromones effective odor.

Researchers have discovered that the human brain reacts very actively to pheromones. They have recognized that humans can produce pheromones if they have desire, intimate relations or satisfaction with another person.
However, most human bodies can not produce pheromones in quantities large enough to stimulate the senses.

Scientists have discovered a pheromone based spray that you can use on the body. This can get enough pheromones concentration to make an effect. But, only if the pheromones concentration is strong enough or contains the main pheromones that simulate in the human body (a 5-different pheromones mixture).

The results clearly demonstrate that the PHEROMONES are working!!!

Experts have done the experiments by testing chemical reactions between sex hormones and other hormones.
They also tested individually female, male, gay and lesbian hormones.
They compared different hormones, for example, pheromones that are responsible for self -defense, threat or sexual response. The brain can distinguish the smells and act different. The brain even acts different when it smells flowers for example.

Scientists made different groups: men who like women, women who like men, then the researchers have also studied the response of the brain when it was exposed to other smells. They used PET scans to monitor the results and then began to experiment with samples cedar and lavender.
The results show that the brain has not recognized the odor but it is sensed by the nose.

When doing the experiments, using samples of man's pheromones, the results showed only two groups. Women and the gay group are sensed in the brain and react to man's pheromones.

The researchers did an experiment with a female hormone using the gay control group to see the reaction in the nervous system. The results showed that the nose was only reaction point and no sexual response to female hormones occurred. So the nerves can control when they smell hormones.

Researchers in Philadelphia have studied the behaviour of human responses when smells of other people are emitted.
The research has ascertained that the smell in the human body is an influence in mate selection and plays a key factor.

Why should you use OUR Pheromones?

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