Why use Pheromore®? Things you should know about pheromones

Pheromones are a natural chemical scents that is produced by every Human body in a small proportion to help to communicate with other people and increase sexual attraction for others.
Pheromones also can help your social life. Your intentions could be personal, just to find new friends, dating, marriage or even business related…
It is well documented by doctors and professors and many researches confirmed that Pheromones are REAL and work very well.

PHEROMORE®-M For a man to attract a woman


The smart way to attract woman, use our Pheromone performance.

It is always a question- Does this actually work or not?

Our formula is very similar to the pheromones in the human body. Tests have proved that 74 % of women have a desire to get more intimate with a man (either sexual or more close) when they are exposed to Pheromone smells.

Natural pheromones attract woman more than anything else, more than appearance or your charm. It has been working this way for millions of years. We call this "chemical attraction".

When you start to use Pheromore M, you will get more attention from women, they will feel more relaxed around you. They will open up to you more than before and they will try to get closer to you. Women will get your attention in a various ways- looking at you, talking to you….

PHEROMORE M –is highly effective, it will do the most part of the work but you have to do the rest…

Pheromore-M : 9.6mg of Androstenone , 8mg of Androstenol, 5mg of Androsterone, 5mg of Estratetraenol, 4.4mg of Androstadienone in a 20ml bottle.

PHEROMORE®-F for a woman to attract a man


Pheromore sprays are the most effective way to attract a man. They work the same way as the natural pheromones in your body. Increase your sexual attractiveness to men.

Pheromore F formula is contains a “Copulins” chemical. This has been proven to increase a man's testosterone level.

When you get near to them, they smell your Pheromones and will notice you instantly. You will feel the attention, you will be more fascinating and irresistible for them.

You will get more attention from others. What can bring more happiness and success to your life?

Smelling Pheromones takes only a second, but the effects (results) can last for life time.

Pheromore-F : 10mg of Copulins, 7mg of Estratetraenol, 5mg of Androstenol, 5mg of Androsterone, 5mg of Androstadienone in a 20ml bottle.

PHEROMORE®-G for a man to attract a man


Gay men brains respond differently when exposed to pheromones. They smell as a heterosexual men (man who attract to woman) or a woman.

Tests show that Gay men's nervous systems in the brain react similar to the woman brains, when they sniff chemicals from the male hormones, testosterone.

“It is one more piece of evidence… that is showing that sexual orientation is not all learned” said Sandra Witelson an expert of brain anatomy, Master Degree, University of Ontario-Canada.

When we have the proper mixture of human pheromones, it can cause an attraction between a man and man.

Our Pheromore G contains the formula that is similar to human pheromones and works the best to attract other men. They will find you more special.

Pheromore-G : 10mg of Androsterone, 7mg of Androstenone , 5mg of Androstenol, 5mg of PDD, 5mg of Androstadienone in a 20ml bottle.

PHEROMORE®-L for a woman to attract a woman


Attract other Lesbian Woman with our Pheromore L Concentrate.

A woman can attract other women with the right chemical mixture of Pheromones.

At first the Pheromore L formula was designed for men. But during the product testing we found that Lesbian women have a brain that reacted more to this formula than others (especially for a woman who feels more like a man). So we decided to make this formula for Lesbian women.

Some studies also show that “Much to our surprise, a woman reported feeling less tense and more relaxed during exposure to the pheromone concentrate.” (Comments by the researcher Charles J. Whysocki of the University of Pennsylvania)

Also our Pheromore L spay, makes you more confident and successful in your social, personal or business life. People will look up to you and respect you more.

Our lab tested formula is Highly Effective for Lesbian women to attract other woman.

Pheromore-L : 8mg of Androstenol, 8mg of Androsterone, 5mg of PDD, 5mg of Androstadienone, 6mg of Androstenone in a 20ml bottle.

Pheromore Shower Cream 200ml

We are offering a Pheromores Shower Cream to increase the pheromone level in your body after taking a shower.

As you may know already, pheromones help in attracting the attention of the people around you.

Why should we not start to increase our pheromones level in the shower?
In fact, in nature, all humans produce pheromones naturally. Pheromones are produced in a low volume that stimulates the interest of the people around you. But when you wash your body or bath, you will wash most of your pheromones away.

Pheromones Shower Cream is not a common product, we are the first company in the world who is manufacturing this exciting product.

When you shower with our product, your skin will absorb some pheromones mixed in the shower cream. This will help restore some pheromones back in your body.
Pheromones shower cream has a nice smell and a nourishing additive for your body in very gentle way. After the shower your skin will smell great to others for a few hours and help to attract others and get more attention.
After the bath, you can use a pheromone spray if you wish.

We recommend to use Pheromore shower cream on a daily basis.

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Why our Pheromones are the best?

Ether you chose our PHEROMORE ULTIMATE 20-ML that is the highest quality on the market or chose our PHEROMORE NATURAL POWER 50-ML, a premium quality product, made from all 100 % all pure pheronome chemicals. Our formula contain 5 different species of pheromones in each product, which are the closest matching of the real human pheromones available on the market today.

We manufacture four different kinds of Pheromones: Pheromore M (for man to attract woman), Pheromore F (for woman to attract man), Pheromore G (for gay man), and Pheromore L (for lesbian woman).

Our products are made by high Europan standards and our selling prices are lower than other manufacturers prices with less quality products.

Pheromones in fact

Pheromones are so effective that many well known and reliable media outlets have presented reports about world wide positive results in using pheromones.

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How Pheromones really work?

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What are pheromones? - How pheromone works

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